Thomas Jefferson was a mixed bag, a man ahead of his time and a man of his time.

Jefferson  was a mixed bag, a man ahead of his time and a man of his time. He helped write our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence that declare All Men are Created Equal. Two documents that are to this day the hope of all mankind.  He fought in the Revolutionary war. Jefferson condemned British sponsored slave trade in the colonies early on. However he did have 600 slaves. Twenty of which he bought either to reunite slave families or for needed workers. Most were inherited and the families that they had.  He banned slave imports into Virginia and he criminalized  the International slave trade. Jefferson supported gradual emancipation and training so that they could care for themselves, and colonization of African-American slaves elsewhere. Jefferson warned America that if we continued with slavery even though most Americans decried slavery, we would fight a great civil war, which we did.  After Jefferson’s wife die, he took her half sister, Sally Hemmings as his mistress. He released and freed their children. Jefferson was so far in debt, his slaves were leased out to others and he could not free them. After his death, Jefferson’s daughter from his wife Martha sold the slaves to pay those debts. Like I said, Jefferson was a mixed bag.   If we destroy our history or we rewrite our history, we will repeat our mistakes.


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