Trump and his rude rhetoric on Mexicans and illegal immigration.

Trump did not say anything he has not said before. Trump sees the truth as he sees it. Sometimes it is only a partial truth. He is reckless in his speech and in his business. He is a personality, a brand. Most of all, under all that rude over the top rhetoric, Trump makes you see that there is a problem and he voices the fears of many Americans. We know that it is not just low income law abiding workers and family members coming across that southern border. We know that ISIS, drug cartels and their products and criminals of all manner, from pedophiles,murderers,drug pushers,sex slaves w/their pimps, …are coming in Obama is even recklessly releasing immigrant criminals into our population to await adjudication.  To make matters worse sanctuary cities are releasing criminals and not calling ICE after their release. too.. Granted they are a small percentage, but it only takes one to harm our citizens. It is not just our judiciary and prison system that is being over taxed by this illegal influx. Our schools and welfare structures are under stress also. So, What to do? Four things. 1.   SHUT DOWN ALL IMMIGRATION AND SECURE OUR BORDERS.  2.   REWRITE OUR IMMIGRATION SYTEM SO THAT IT REFLECTS OUR ECONOMIC NEEDS AND OUR REFUGEE RESPONSIBLITIES, AS WELL AS REFORMS TO MAKE IT WORK IN AN EFFICIENT,JUST AND TIMELY MANNER.  3. America needs jobs and for that to happen we need to simplify and reform/replace our tax code and regulatory code so that they are business friendly, while protecting the consumer’s rights.  4. Now, legalize all immigrants with worker permits and immediate family permits. Children are given citizenship and everyone else who wants to can go to the back of the citizenship line.  Kick out the felons.  Now, we can open up the immigration department.


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