Do we continue to focus on Trump’s rudeness or do we fix the mess?

So, are we going to focus on how rude and crude Trump is and try to paint all Republican’s with this same brush… or are we going to fix the mess ? Trump began a needed conversation. We will need our immigrants once this economy gets going. People cannot bitch that there aren’t enough people paying into the system and not realize our population needs growth. We are not replacing our population. Most of that has to do with income deficiencies and uncertainties. The same thing is happening in Europe and let’s not mention Greece. Talk about running out of other people’s money, that is Greece. Unions and socialism have destroyed that economy and Greece could be us in a few years, unless we stop this social justice, social welfare insanity. Instead of embracing and integrating their immigrants and passing economic growth reforms that produces needed jobs, they have kept their immigrants separate and disenfranchised . Are we doing the same thing with our immigrants and our inner city black communities?  So, how do we fix it so our immigrants and our citizens are fully employed and paying their bills as wells as paying the government’s bills? We need to grow the pie to pay our bills. That means we need to simplify and replace the tax code and regulatory codes. Our businesses cannot breath. Only large Corporations can pay the cost of doing business in America. Investment monies are not going to come to a nation that has the highest corporate tax in the world. If you are not in bed with our government and receiving crony deals and corporate welfare, you are not making it in America. Marxism is statist cronyism. It is just another form of Serfdom, where a handful of elites live like kings while the people are oppressed and impoverished. We need to invite investment monies in, not chase them out. Investment monies will go where they can make a profit and that is not in America


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