Dwelling on Trump’s insulting rhetoric is just another distraction from the real problems with our immigration system.

Maybe the Republican Party, the media and most Americans really do believe in the first amendment and will not use the Democrat weapons of demonization, bullying, intimidation and litigation to silence objectionable views? I hope so. This is an opportunity to fix our immigration mess with common sense, efficient, timely and just measures. I want immigration fixed to reflect our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities. . I want the border secured. I want our laws obeyed and enforced. I am not going to dwell on Trump’s rude insulting half truths. That is just a distraction and deflection from the very real iimmigration problems. I don’t want to see anymore children making that horrific trip thru Mexico ever again. I don’t want to see another innocent person murdered or abused by a criminal alien who should have been deported , ever again.

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