I say Obama is a Sal Alinsky style Marxist

 Read his book–Dreams of my Father. His mentors were all communists and marxists. In college he chose to surround himself with Marxists. He embrace Sal Alinsky, Clowerd and Piven Principles to bring about Marxist change. He taught Sal Alinksy in college. He chose to be a marxist. His family hung out with communists in the academic community and they are the ones who introduced his first communist mentor, Frank Marshal Davis to him when he was a child. Obama was molded by communist activists from the get go. As for the economy, the numbers are not real. Wall Street is making money but it is fragile and it is being fed by cheap Fed money. When the Fed raises rates soon–we will see how heathy Wall Street really is. Small businesses are not growing. They are stagnant and they are losing ground because of the costly regulations and taxes, including the ACA taxes. You can’t say that we have economic recovery when 91 million workers are not working. You can’t say that we have economic recovery when 47 million of us are using food stamps. Gordon there are only 320 million of us plus another 40 million immigrants. As for dividing our nation. Look at what he does. He is constantly blaming others for everything. He separates us in groups and pits one group against each other. He never fixes anything. He just agitates. This country is a mess. The world is in chaos and much of it can be put at Obama’s door. Sal Alinsky said that a community organizers job is to agitate, create division, chaos and instability to bring about the change you want. That is who Obama is. It is starting to come out, Obama had CIA agitators/organizers in Libya, the Ukraine, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia and heaven knows where else, to bring about change. I am telling you Obama is a mega community organizer–he has taken that ideology global.


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