The short sighted stupidity of the quest for the 15 dollar minimum wage

Entry level/part time jobs used to be for our teens and college kids. Shouldn’t adults have a better job with a higher wage? How bad is it that a President thinks that a burger flipping job is good enough for any adult to aspire too? How bad is it, that he thinks you should be able to support a family on a burger flipper job? Talk about keeping you down! The only thing a 15 dollar an hour entry level job wage will do is decrease employee hours, decrease jobs and increase consumer costs. Employees will be replaced by computers. It is cheaper. These are small businesses, not corporate businesses, but franchised businesses. Their profits are very small. America needs investment money for economic growth to create those good paying full time jobs. That means we need business friendly tax and reg reforms.. Investment money is not going to come to America unless we stop taxing and regulating our businesses into extinction. Investment monies go where they can make a profit. Unless you are government connected and a huge corporation, you are not making that in America. We yell about corporate welfare and cronyism, but we do nothing. Wall Street is doing just fine in America. They are the only ones who can afford the cost of doing business here. Marxism/socialism/statism/communism aways destroys the middle class and upward mobility of it’s citizens. Just like Greece, we will soon run out of other people’s money, too–if we do not reduce government’s footprint. We need to grow the pie and stop serving from the same pie.


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