Segregation is not about race, it is about being poor

Obama will not be building low cost housing in his neighborhood or his cronies neighborhood. Low cost housing will lower the value of middle class neighborhoods. Segregation these days is economic segregation, not race. Why not desegregregate by renewing our poor neighborhoods thru education and employment, where middle class families move into that area. A better way to desegregate would be  job creation, put America back to work and the only way that is going to happen in any permanent manner is thru business friendly tax and regulatory reforms that encourage investment. Investment monies will go where they can make a profit. Right now, that is not America.  Along with tax and reg reforms, we need to reform our education system by increasing two year college degrees, technical licencing programs and vocational licencing programs in High School. Our high school children need a purpose and they need to be interested in school. Too many are not beng educated because of bordom ,distraction and disenterest and many are dropping out. Every High School graduate should be able to support themselves after graduation or be prepared to go on to higher educational opportunities. With economic growth America will need trained workers and that training, that education should start in High School. Instead of being saddled with college tuition loans for life, our children can earn money to pay for at least part of their advanced education.  Obama’s Fair Housing Program has been tried before, that is why the inner city neighborhoods are segregated now.


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