Why is Trump resonating

Here is the reason. Trump may be rude,insulting and self promoting, but his rhetoric has a ring of truth to it. One third of the people in our prisons are illegal immigrants. Yes are doors are open to the Dreamers, the honest workers and their families, BUT they are also open to the drug cartels, their product, sex traffickers and their slaves, pedophiles, rapists, criminals of all sorts and gang members, including MS13–the dregs of society are coming in with the good law abiding illegal immigrants who just want a better life. It is not just our citizens these illegal criminals are abusing, they are abusing our illegal immigrants.We have our own low lifes, we don’t need another nation’s scum here. How much of our drug shootings are done by illegal immigrants? Chicago has a low rate of prosecutions for their murders and shootings. We don’t know how many were done by illegal gang members or at the behest of illegal immigrant criminals. Our borders must be secured because an improved E verify program would not keep out the criminals. Our immigration department needs to be reformed to answer our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities in a timely, efficient and just manner. Trump also addresses our trade deficit and our need for good paying full time jobs. The trade deficit can be resolved with better negotiators. The good paying full time jobs will only be resoved with business friendly tax and regulatory codes. America has a chance to vote for the guy or gal who has the best solutions for the numerous problems that our political class have made. We have tried the Progressive way, the Democrat way and we will have doubled our debt by the end of Obama’s reign–That 20 Trillion dollar debt is only going to be paid by growing the pie. America needs to increase our revenue. Raising taxes and spending other people’s money will see us looking like Greece. Investment monies, rich people go where they can make a profit and that is not in America–unless you are a government crony receiving government connected jobs and corporate welfare. Progressivism has seen Wall Street thriving while Main street is dying. Progressivism has seen the middle class become more government dependence, generational poverty and no upward mobility to pursue the American Dream. Progressivism has ended in the oppression and impoverishment of our people, just like man times in the past, Marxism always brings. Pretty it up by calling it Progressivism, Statism or Socialism–it is is still Marxism. It is still Communism. Progressivism has no place in America, the land of the free.

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