Jindal is right the President’s foolish and reckless political correctness regarding Radical Islam is unexplainable

Jindal is right. Radical Islam has declared war on us and all who do not accept and submit to their barbaric supremacist theology. Islam must denounce this fundamental  interpretation of their religion and they must shine a light on Radical Islam’s horrific inhumanity. This evil hides within the folds of modern Islam and they must denounce it, otherwise, their children will choose this violent jihad to serve the God of Islam,  if they are taught these supremacist lessons of intolerance. It is this fundamental theology that is the enemy. There can be no coexistence for us or the world, with Radical Islam and it barbaric supremacist theology. Why is their no counter propaganda to Radical Islam’s? Everyday we see the photos and narrative of ISIS. Where is modern Islam’s narrative of tolerance and love?  We only have to look at ISIS to see the results of continuing to teach this violent fundamentalist Islamic supremacist doctrine. Beheadings are not enough to feed their bloodlust. They are forcing children to behead their opposition.  They are forcing children to murder. The eyes of the children are dead. They are caging people and drowning them or burning them alive. They are burying people alive. They are stoning women to death. They are raping and enslaving children and women. They are awarding human beings  as sex slaves to ISIS warriors for learning the Koran. They are murdering all who will not submit to their evil perversion. There is nothing heroic in their actions. There is nothing human in their actions. There is no reason that we, the US, cannot destroy ISIS. The only thing stopping our military from destroying this evil, is our President. He watched as ISIS marched into Iraqi cities in broad daylight. He will not arm the Kurds and use them as boots on the ground while we bomb them back to the stone age. He watches the genocide of Christians and Azzidies.  He hides behind his empty rhetoric of no boots on the ground, Sunni and Shite working together for this common purpose and it is Iraq’s job to drive out ISIS and he does not give them enough air power and intel to do that.  Obama will not lead and he has allowed ISIS to grow. Obama has put us and the world in danger by his lack of action and thousands are dying because of his tepid micro management of our war against ISIS.


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