Obama is an uncaring shepherd and we and the world are his exceptable collateral damage to achieve his vision

Obama is an uncaring shepherd. He does nothing unless it advances his political and ideological agenda. A Christian building churches and visiting family, A newsman doing his job, A retired Military man visiting his family and an ex CIA man who may or may not have been working for our government, do not advance anything on his agenda with their forced release. Obama however did traded 4 Taliban leaders for a known deserter. He attempted to use him to demonize the military and hold the Taliban up as a rightous actor, but that did not work. Americans would not buy that. The Iranian American prisoners are collateral damage, just as Kate Steinle is, our Veterans are, job creation and economic recovery are to achieve his vision and his costly, burdensome big government agenda  . He has used gang murders, the massacre of children in school. church worshipers and people in a theater to deny our second amendment rights instead of addressing crime and mental illness. He has used police shootings to demonize and created unrest thru deceptive, divisive grievance politics, all to nationalize our local law enforcement. He does nothing to fix our problems. He has made them worse . He Just exploits every issue to force his leftist agenda on America, the land of the free.


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