Obama will use HUD for more social engineering insanity

The best social engineering tool would be to encourage investors to create good fulltime jobs for all of us, but then we would need a reformed tax code and regulatory code that we could understand. Government would have to downsize. The government is the problem. Government is taking more than it’s fair share.  Now they are dividing us by race and income. It is income that keeps a person out of middle class neighborhoods. Are Obama and his creepy little Marxists going to open up their gated communities? NO This is all about control and punishing success.  Low income housing always brings down the property values, while it separates poor families in a visual sense. Marxism, Progressivism, Statism, Socialism, Communism–whatever you want to call this insane path— has never worked in the past. It always brings oppression and poverty to the people, while a handful of elites live like kings. This path that the Democrats have us on is why their is so much income inequality. They have been in charge of inner city communities and it is their policies that have created the impoverished, illiterate, violent mess they are in. Democrats created the rage and disenfranchisement and now they are exploiting the crisis that they made. Wall Street is doing just fine in Obamaland. If they are not thriving with the assist of corporate welfare and crony government connections, they just move to a foreign nation where they can make a profit.  It is Main Street America that is struggling. Small business and small banks cannot pay the cost of doing business in America and as a result they are disappearing and stagnating. Dodd Frank and the ACA are killing our job creators.  America needs more revenue to pay our bills and the governments bills and nation killing debt, but we cannot put ourselves out of business by over burdening our businesses and by chasing out investors. Bottom line, investment money goes where it can profit.  Government cannot be trusted to not abuse their power when they have all of our personnel data. (You tell me why they are including our health data in this social engineering program. We have to get our Healthcare out of government hands, they are misusing it. ) We must take our revenue collection program out of Federal hands. A 10% consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports, would solve many of our problems. Add a 10% business and corporate tax to that and our nation has an economic recovery like no other. Everyone has a good paying full time job–both immigrant and citizen.  Everyone pays to support our government. All citizens, immigrants, foreign students,visitors, foreign consumers and our cash economy sector–legal and illegal. We would still have Food Stamps and welfare to help the poor. We would collect more revenue, investors would invest and create jobs, build infrastructure, invest in research, innovation and development. We can get out of this mess with capitalism,not Marxism. Marxism leads to the death of our nation and the shackling of our Constitutional rights. Marxism/Progressivism is just another form of Serfdom controlled by the we know best crowd.


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