Our rude and boisterous Trump that we like went to far with his insulting and divisive rhetoric.

McCain stepped on Trumps toes and Trump lashed back. There is no doubt that McCain, like many any Congress, have stayed too long in Washington and they have become ineffective and too good a friend to the marxists, big government left, but…………Trump went too far, as he sometimes does with his insulting dismissive rhetoric. Trump has always been insulting and bombastic, he has always said what he thinks, that is why we like him……… but this time he went too far. Attack McCain on his ineffectiveness, not on his honorable service. McCain could have been released early from that hell hole and he chose to stay. That makes him a hero in my book. McCain chose to serve his country when he could have opted out because of who he was, as many of our elite have done. As far as I know, Trump has not served and neither have his children.


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