The Iran Deal will go down as the worst mistake in History

Why the hell are we making deals with a terrorist nation? Obama has bent himself into a leftist pretzel trying to equate radical Islamic terrorists with foreign soldiers in a war. What an insane dangerous President, blinded by his familia connection to Islam and his anti colonialism leftist ideology, we have in office.

How stupid is it to give oversight to Iran and it’s cronies? Obama is a fool or worse.

Both Sunni and Shite Radical Islam are the world’s enemy. There can be NO coexistence with their barbaric supremacist theology.

Then there is that weird deal made with Congress. Obama threatened to just go to the UN with his Iranian executive action deal and instead of trying his criminal audacity in the court of public opinion and withholding funding for the deal, the Congress made an insane deal with the President. They gave up their treaty vote which required 2/3 of a vote FOR any treaty to pass and exchanged it for a 2/3 vote to vote NO on the Iranian deal. That means Obama only needs one third of the House and one third Senate votes for this insane Iranian deal which will pave the way for a nuclear armed Iran and a Middle Eastern nuclear arms race, not to mention 150 billion dollars for more support for terrorist groups around the world and for proxy wars against Israel and us. Because our Congressman do not know what the Constitution really says, they are being outfoxed by a group of people, headed by Obama, who are subverting our Constitution and rule of law at every turn. Obama is blinded by his familia connection to Islam and his leftist ant American, anti Israeli ideology. He means to see that there are penalties to all who he deems to be colonialist abusers. Let’s face it, our President is one dangerous weird duck. He is either a naïve fool or he is our enemy.

I don’t know what good it will do given Obama’s end run around Congress by obtaining a quick ratification from the UN, I hope there are enough Democrats who will say no to this very bad Iran deal.Given Iran’s past deceptions regarding their nuclear program, there can be not trust. The verify program has major flaws. To apply to that panel for permission to inspect is a joke. Iran can stall for 24 days and then it can still deny inspections. That is just insane to agree to that. This will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. Truth be told the orders to Pakistan have already gone out. Unless there is regime change in Iran, the religious fanatics in charge will continue their path to nuclear arms with ballistic missiles to carry them. There is no coexistence with Radical Islam–be it Sunni or Shite–and it’s barbaric supremacist theology.. This is a death cult, not a true religion. There can be no reasoning, no negotiating with this insanity

Iran has cheated constantly, covertly building their nuclear arms program with IAEA’s ineffective oversight. Who thinks the IAEA will do a better job this time and who thinks the UN will ever do anything about Iran’s deceptions ? Who thinks that panel of Iranian cronies will ever support or permit effective monitoring? What kind of idiots give 150 Billion dollars to a terrorist regime, allows them to continue their nuclear arm’s program, build their ICBM program, buy arms and Star Wars capability?,


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