The hoax of Climate Change

Climate change is a natural event. Too much of the data has been changed by government scientists and activists, to fit the computer model predictions. The earth’s temperature and climate are effected more by the Sun and Moon’s activity than by man. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It is expelled all mammals, including man and it is needed for plant growth–ie food. Maybe earth is preparing to support the 10 Billion people projected to be on earth at the end of the century. There is the same amount of water forever, we just need to reuse it, extract it and make it potable. California has doubled it’s population and failed to prepare for their cyclical droughts by building more reservoirs, wells, and desalination plants. They have also listened to the looney tune EPA who is willing to lower the standard of living for most Americans as sacrifice to their fascist vision. In America our air is the cleanest in the world. Nothing we do will keep China, India and the third world from polluting with fossil fuels. The best we can do is to continue to innovate and sell our scrubbers and clean technology. The sooner we or someone in the world finds a cheap, abundant and efficient fuel, the better off we all will be. I think we should exploit our abundant fossil fuels, use them and export them. Exploiting our fossil fuel to the maximum will be our bills and lead the way back to a prosperous economy. There are ways to extract energy from coal without burning it. Make that happen. Carbon taxes will just make people like Gore and institutions like Goldman Sachs rich. Most of the money will be siphoned off before it reaches the third world or research and development. The Climate Change agenda is a way to control populations with global government edicts from a handful of elitists. It is a Marxist agenda. It is another form of Serfdom, where the elites live like kings off the work of the impoverished and oppressed masses.

My immigration plan, Jorge Ramos and a Ben Carson/Carly Fiorina ticket

Jorge has become a leftist activist. Mexico and most of South America have destroyed their nations by embracing Marxism, brought poverty and oppression to their people. America will never embrace Marxism. We have hated the Dems and Obama’s march toward it. Open borders means we cannot be the free nation we want to be.  There is no doubt that immigrants are here because our government did not enforce our laws, at peak employment our employers facilitated their migration and our President encouraged thousands of children to make that horrific inhumane journey thru Mexico. It is not Latino  Judeo Christian anchor babies we should fear, but it is Chinese, Middle Eastern, Russian and other totalitarian anchor babies we should recognize as future potential threats. Those children will not be growing up with American values or Constitutional beliefs. So, what to do what to do? Deporting a possible 30 million people would be not only very expensive but brand us as the most inhumane nation on earth. It just can’t be done in America where we consider all humanity of value. Plus, really, we would need our immigrants when our economy is up and running. Try asking them back then. It would be stupid to deport all of our undocumented immigrants. Why make them and their home nation’s our enemy.  Here is my solution.  Secure our borders. Stop all immigration, even legal immigration. Enhance E Verify.  Now ID everyone and kick out the felons and gangs. Offer temporary work permits, work permits that lead to citizenship  at the end of the legal immigrant line and citizenship for the Dreamers. Offer classes in English, American law, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Reform our immigration Department so that it works in an efficient, fiscally sane, timely and just manner. Make our immigration answer our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities. Replace our tax code  with a 10% consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. Everyone pays, all citizens, immigrants, visitors, foreign students, foreign consumers and all who participate in our cash economy, whether legal or not. Add a 10% business/corporation tax and no double taxing on foreign profits used to invest in America. Pass business friendly & simplified regulation reforms and our economy will grow like it is on fire, with fossil energy exploitation and exports leading the way. America needs to grow the pie, create jobs for all citizens and immigrants  and she needs to keep  growing so that we can pay our bills, the government’s bill, balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt. NOW REOPEN IMMIGRATION. I will be voting for the man who I believe has the will, the courage, the  wisdom and the knowledge to fix this nation. That man is Ben Carson. I will be hoping he chooses Carly Fiorina as a running mate. She knows how bureaucracies work and she knows how to make them run in an efficient, just and fiscally sane manner.  Ben and Carly would be good partners to make this nation the exceptional nation our Founder’s dreamed of.

America needs to know that Obama and Trump may be narcissitic birds of the same feather.

I for one have had enough arrogant, rude demonizing divisive, disruptive and destructive rhetoric for a lifetime from Barack Obama. I don’t want to hear the same bullying, intimidating crap from Trump for 4-8 more years.  Obama will leave an open wound of division and instability in our nation and he will also leave the world a more dangerous place. America needs a healer. A man that has the knowledge, the  wisdom, the courage and the will to fix this nation’s problems. I think Ben Carson is that man. Dr Carson has shown he is not afraid to surround himself with well qualified experts to achieve his goals. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has surrounded himself with sycophants, partisans and corrupt incompetent ideologues. Our career politicians have made a major mess in Washington. It will take an outsider to lead and show them the error of their ways, while enlisting their cooperation to fix the mess. Carly Fiorina would be an excellent VP. She knows how bureaucracies work and how to make them run in an efficient and fiscally sane manner, while provide excellent service to our people. She also know what businesses, corporations and investors need to create the good paying full time jobs needed to pay our bills, balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt.

Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump

Ramos has become a little wrong headed about illegal immigration, but he is part of the free press and Trump is punishing Ramos for Univision’s actions regarding the Miss Universe pageant. Ramos had nothing to do with that. I for one have had all the divisive, destructive, demonizing, and punitive behavior for a lifetime from Barack Obama . I do not want 4-8 more years of that kind of arrogant bullying behavior from Donald Trump. Obama tried to silence the Press earlier by kicking out Fox, wire tapping and litigating Fox news people. Trump has shown he would do the same. We can’t let that kind of behavior if we are going to keep the Republic. The Press better take a stand as they did for Fox. Continuing to exclude the Des Moines Register news and now Ramos from Trump pressers is not permissible in a free society. What Obama tried to do and did to some extent was to intimidate the press from holding him to account for his policies and actions. Trump is doing the same.

Ben Carson’s oped in the USA

To America’s inner city black families: What have you to show for your decades long loyalty to the Democrat Party? High crime, increasing violence, failed schools, high unemployment and broken dysfunctional families. Each election you have the same promises given by your elected officials and social leaders. Yet nothing improves. Nothing is fixed. Your leaders blame others for your state, but they have been in charge of your neighborhoods for decades. Please listen to this man, Ben Carson. I believe he has the solutions you need. I believe he has the solutions to improve all our lives and to govern this nation successfully.

Stop all immigration now, secure the border,grow the economy and assimilate the immigrants here. Kick out the criminals.

Demonizing the immigrants when it was our government and our employers that invited them here or allowed them to be here thru negligence and encouragement, is just not honorable. In 2000 we were at full employment. Employers were begging for employees. That is what we need to make happen again. That means we need to get rid of the taxcode,replace it with a simplified tax and get rid of most of the regulatory codes. It is government that caused the recession. It is government that has slowed down our recovery. Small , less intrusive government is the answer to economic recovery. The Hispanic immigrant are hard workers and they assimilate quickly. The entitlements are going bankrupt because there are fewer people paying into them. We need more taxpayers. That is why I like the 10%consumption tax on all goods and services for everyone, including exports, plus a 10 %business tax. This allows everyone the opportunity to support our government, including our citizens that deal in the cash economy, both legal and illegal. Grow the economy and welcome the immigrant.

Regarding the Immigration Policy of Mr. Trump’s. The only way we could deport 11- 20 million undocumented people would be for them to go to their nearest Embassy and re enter there with the proper papers–. I do think we need to secure the border and stop all immigration until we ID everyone here and kick out the felons and gang members. I also think we will want and need immigrant workers after our economy gets going and we are at full employment.  As for the babies born here, just tweek the constitution to say just babies born here from legal immigrants who plan to stay here, not temporary workers, not visitors. Grandfather in the immigrant children we have and give them citizenship..Their families will integrate faster, willingly. Our immigration system needs to reflect our economic needs and refugee responsiblitlies and…it needs to work in an efficient, just and timely manner.

Tired of the Clinton drama and the Washington incompetence and crony corruption, let’s choose someone outside the political class for our President.

Tired of the Clinton baggage, corruption and drama? Done with the divisive rhetoric and disruption that Obama brings to every issue? Want to stop the crony corruption in Washington, then choose someone outside of the political class who can do the job of president, be a great honorable leader and serve our people in a civil, competent, logical and fact based manner. How sweet would it be to have a Carson/Fiorina ticket with Ted Cruz as AG and Marco as Senate leader? Bush would make a great Sec of State and the retired governors would make great ambassadors. We need competency in our State Department. They have lost their way and do not represent America’s interests, anymore. Throw in Trump’s trade and economic advisors and we would be cooking.

America, please look at Ben Carson and give Common Sense Conservatism a chance

The inner city black community have voted Democrat for decades and their  lives have gotten worse, so maybe they should look at conservative candidates whose constituents lives have at least improved over those same decades.  Maybe, just maybe, it is Progressive Democrat policies that are the problem, that have caused the disparity in wealth, the increasing violence and illiteracy in their communities. Maybe it is Progressive Democrat policies that have caused the increasing unemployment that the inner city community is experiencing.  So if you vote by color or issue, give Carson a look. If you are Republican or Libertarian, give Carson a look.  He is one of the most reasonable, logical and common sense directed men you will ever meet, one who is really concerned about the black community’s issues and problems. He has a different way to fix them. He has a different way to fix all of America’s problems. Progressivism has failed the black community and all of us, maybe common sense conservatism is the answer. Maybe Ben Carson is the answer. I think Ben Carson is good for not only the black community but all of America. We cannot continue with the divisive politics that pit our people against each other. It is so corrosive, so damaging, to divide our nation by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, rich man, poor man. Divisive politics is ripping our nation apart, pitting neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, father against son–we fought that war once and we still fell the pain, no matter how rightous the Union cause. We have all this rhetoric, but nothing gets fixed and nothing improves.  We cannot continue increasing our debt, which will have doubled under the Progressive policies of Barack Obama . What happens when China, Japan and Canada stop lending us money? What happens when interest rates increase and half of our  $3.5 Trillion annual revenue goes to pay our debt interest? It won’t be a matter of cutting the waste in government and returning the responsibility of social welfare to the states, it will be a matter of cutting entitlement payments because there is no money for them. It will be a matter of cutting our military so drastically that the bad actors of this world attack our vulnerabilities. Carson has a tax and regulatory reform agenda needed to create the good paying jobs that create the needed revenue to pay our bills and the government bills and debt. Recognizing that healthcare is bankrupting our nation, Carson also has a replacement for the ACA which lowers costs and covers everyone which Obamacare does not.  It will take a thriving economy to fix this mess, Carson knows how to do that and he has policies to fix the inner city communities and make them  thriving inclusive communities. We have had years of divisive corrosive politics, give civility a chance. Give Carson a chance to heal our nation and make our nation a nation that can be recognized by the content of our people’s character.

Trump is a disappointment

I always thought that Trump’s caustic rhetoric was just his entertainment persona and I always laughed, but now I wonder if that is not who he is after his uncontrolled twitter rant and demonization of a news anchor. I think Trump felt inadequate on that stage because he had not educated himself on the issues, had no solutions for our numerous problems and he turned his rage on Fox, especialy Kelly. Kelly is a news person, not a Republican pundit or a Trump acolyte for crying out loud.. She did her job. She,Wallace and Baier asked the tough questions of everyone. Every candidate answered tough questions and none of them did the poor me that Trump did and continues to do. Trump is anything but a victim. Democrats play the victim card, not Republicans. Trump is the crony corrupt businessman we decry. He expects favors for his politcal donations. We have a crony corrupt disrupter,demonizer and divider in chief in the oval office now. We don’t need another one. If Trump runs on a third party ticket it shows what a narcissistic selfish bastard he is. Our nation is in trouble and for him to run and possibly cause another destructive Progressive to win the Presidency just shows he loves himself more than he loves his country.