America, please look at Ben Carson and give Common Sense Conservatism a chance

The inner city black community have voted Democrat for decades and their  lives have gotten worse, so maybe they should look at conservative candidates whose constituents lives have at least improved over those same decades.  Maybe, just maybe, it is Progressive Democrat policies that are the problem, that have caused the disparity in wealth, the increasing violence and illiteracy in their communities. Maybe it is Progressive Democrat policies that have caused the increasing unemployment that the inner city community is experiencing.  So if you vote by color or issue, give Carson a look. If you are Republican or Libertarian, give Carson a look.  He is one of the most reasonable, logical and common sense directed men you will ever meet, one who is really concerned about the black community’s issues and problems. He has a different way to fix them. He has a different way to fix all of America’s problems. Progressivism has failed the black community and all of us, maybe common sense conservatism is the answer. Maybe Ben Carson is the answer. I think Ben Carson is good for not only the black community but all of America. We cannot continue with the divisive politics that pit our people against each other. It is so corrosive, so damaging, to divide our nation by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, rich man, poor man. Divisive politics is ripping our nation apart, pitting neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, father against son–we fought that war once and we still fell the pain, no matter how rightous the Union cause. We have all this rhetoric, but nothing gets fixed and nothing improves.  We cannot continue increasing our debt, which will have doubled under the Progressive policies of Barack Obama . What happens when China, Japan and Canada stop lending us money? What happens when interest rates increase and half of our  $3.5 Trillion annual revenue goes to pay our debt interest? It won’t be a matter of cutting the waste in government and returning the responsibility of social welfare to the states, it will be a matter of cutting entitlement payments because there is no money for them. It will be a matter of cutting our military so drastically that the bad actors of this world attack our vulnerabilities. Carson has a tax and regulatory reform agenda needed to create the good paying jobs that create the needed revenue to pay our bills and the government bills and debt. Recognizing that healthcare is bankrupting our nation, Carson also has a replacement for the ACA which lowers costs and covers everyone which Obamacare does not.  It will take a thriving economy to fix this mess, Carson knows how to do that and he has policies to fix the inner city communities and make them  thriving inclusive communities. We have had years of divisive corrosive politics, give civility a chance. Give Carson a chance to heal our nation and make our nation a nation that can be recognized by the content of our people’s character.


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