Trump is a disappointment

I always thought that Trump’s caustic rhetoric was just his entertainment persona and I always laughed, but now I wonder if that is not who he is after his uncontrolled twitter rant and demonization of a news anchor. I think Trump felt inadequate on that stage because he had not educated himself on the issues, had no solutions for our numerous problems and he turned his rage on Fox, especialy Kelly. Kelly is a news person, not a Republican pundit or a Trump acolyte for crying out loud.. She did her job. She,Wallace and Baier asked the tough questions of everyone. Every candidate answered tough questions and none of them did the poor me that Trump did and continues to do. Trump is anything but a victim. Democrats play the victim card, not Republicans. Trump is the crony corrupt businessman we decry. He expects favors for his politcal donations. We have a crony corrupt disrupter,demonizer and divider in chief in the oval office now. We don’t need another one. If Trump runs on a third party ticket it shows what a narcissistic selfish bastard he is. Our nation is in trouble and for him to run and possibly cause another destructive Progressive to win the Presidency just shows he loves himself more than he loves his country.


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