Stop all immigration now, secure the border,grow the economy and assimilate the immigrants here. Kick out the criminals.

Demonizing the immigrants when it was our government and our employers that invited them here or allowed them to be here thru negligence and encouragement, is just not honorable. In 2000 we were at full employment. Employers were begging for employees. That is what we need to make happen again. That means we need to get rid of the taxcode,replace it with a simplified tax and get rid of most of the regulatory codes. It is government that caused the recession. It is government that has slowed down our recovery. Small , less intrusive government is the answer to economic recovery. The Hispanic immigrant are hard workers and they assimilate quickly. The entitlements are going bankrupt because there are fewer people paying into them. We need more taxpayers. That is why I like the 10%consumption tax on all goods and services for everyone, including exports, plus a 10 %business tax. This allows everyone the opportunity to support our government, including our citizens that deal in the cash economy, both legal and illegal. Grow the economy and welcome the immigrant.

Regarding the Immigration Policy of Mr. Trump’s. The only way we could deport 11- 20 million undocumented people would be for them to go to their nearest Embassy and re enter there with the proper papers–. I do think we need to secure the border and stop all immigration until we ID everyone here and kick out the felons and gang members. I also think we will want and need immigrant workers after our economy gets going and we are at full employment.  As for the babies born here, just tweek the constitution to say just babies born here from legal immigrants who plan to stay here, not temporary workers, not visitors. Grandfather in the immigrant children we have and give them citizenship..Their families will integrate faster, willingly. Our immigration system needs to reflect our economic needs and refugee responsiblitlies and…it needs to work in an efficient, just and timely manner.


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