America needs to know that Obama and Trump may be narcissitic birds of the same feather.

I for one have had enough arrogant, rude demonizing divisive, disruptive and destructive rhetoric for a lifetime from Barack Obama. I don’t want to hear the same bullying, intimidating crap from Trump for 4-8 more years.  Obama will leave an open wound of division and instability in our nation and he will also leave the world a more dangerous place. America needs a healer. A man that has the knowledge, the  wisdom, the courage and the will to fix this nation’s problems. I think Ben Carson is that man. Dr Carson has shown he is not afraid to surround himself with well qualified experts to achieve his goals. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has surrounded himself with sycophants, partisans and corrupt incompetent ideologues. Our career politicians have made a major mess in Washington. It will take an outsider to lead and show them the error of their ways, while enlisting their cooperation to fix the mess. Carly Fiorina would be an excellent VP. She knows how bureaucracies work and how to make them run in an efficient and fiscally sane manner, while provide excellent service to our people. She also know what businesses, corporations and investors need to create the good paying full time jobs needed to pay our bills, balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt.

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