Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump

Ramos has become a little wrong headed about illegal immigration, but he is part of the free press and Trump is punishing Ramos for Univision’s actions regarding the Miss Universe pageant. Ramos had nothing to do with that. I for one have had all the divisive, destructive, demonizing, and punitive behavior for a lifetime from Barack Obama . I do not want 4-8 more years of that kind of arrogant bullying behavior from Donald Trump. Obama tried to silence the Press earlier by kicking out Fox, wire tapping and litigating Fox news people. Trump has shown he would do the same. We can’t let that kind of behavior if we are going to keep the Republic. The Press better take a stand as they did for Fox. Continuing to exclude the Des Moines Register news and now Ramos from Trump pressers is not permissible in a free society. What Obama tried to do and did to some extent was to intimidate the press from holding him to account for his policies and actions. Trump is doing the same.

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