My immigration plan, Jorge Ramos and a Ben Carson/Carly Fiorina ticket

Jorge has become a leftist activist. Mexico and most of South America have destroyed their nations by embracing Marxism, brought poverty and oppression to their people. America will never embrace Marxism. We have hated the Dems and Obama’s march toward it. Open borders means we cannot be the free nation we want to be.  There is no doubt that immigrants are here because our government did not enforce our laws, at peak employment our employers facilitated their migration and our President encouraged thousands of children to make that horrific inhumane journey thru Mexico. It is not Latino  Judeo Christian anchor babies we should fear, but it is Chinese, Middle Eastern, Russian and other totalitarian anchor babies we should recognize as future potential threats. Those children will not be growing up with American values or Constitutional beliefs. So, what to do what to do? Deporting a possible 30 million people would be not only very expensive but brand us as the most inhumane nation on earth. It just can’t be done in America where we consider all humanity of value. Plus, really, we would need our immigrants when our economy is up and running. Try asking them back then. It would be stupid to deport all of our undocumented immigrants. Why make them and their home nation’s our enemy.  Here is my solution.  Secure our borders. Stop all immigration, even legal immigration. Enhance E Verify.  Now ID everyone and kick out the felons and gangs. Offer temporary work permits, work permits that lead to citizenship  at the end of the legal immigrant line and citizenship for the Dreamers. Offer classes in English, American law, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Reform our immigration Department so that it works in an efficient, fiscally sane, timely and just manner. Make our immigration answer our economic needs and our refugee responsibilities. Replace our tax code  with a 10% consumption tax on all goods and services, including exports. Everyone pays, all citizens, immigrants, visitors, foreign students, foreign consumers and all who participate in our cash economy, whether legal or not. Add a 10% business/corporation tax and no double taxing on foreign profits used to invest in America. Pass business friendly & simplified regulation reforms and our economy will grow like it is on fire, with fossil energy exploitation and exports leading the way. America needs to grow the pie, create jobs for all citizens and immigrants  and she needs to keep  growing so that we can pay our bills, the government’s bill, balance the budget and pay off the nation killing debt. NOW REOPEN IMMIGRATION. I will be voting for the man who I believe has the will, the courage, the  wisdom and the knowledge to fix this nation. That man is Ben Carson. I will be hoping he chooses Carly Fiorina as a running mate. She knows how bureaucracies work and she knows how to make them run in an efficient, just and fiscally sane manner.  Ben and Carly would be good partners to make this nation the exceptional nation our Founder’s dreamed of.


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