The hoax of Climate Change

Climate change is a natural event. Too much of the data has been changed by government scientists and activists, to fit the computer model predictions. The earth’s temperature and climate are effected more by the Sun and Moon’s activity than by man. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It is expelled all mammals, including man and it is needed for plant growth–ie food. Maybe earth is preparing to support the 10 Billion people projected to be on earth at the end of the century. There is the same amount of water forever, we just need to reuse it, extract it and make it potable. California has doubled it’s population and failed to prepare for their cyclical droughts by building more reservoirs, wells, and desalination plants. They have also listened to the looney tune EPA who is willing to lower the standard of living for most Americans as sacrifice to their fascist vision. In America our air is the cleanest in the world. Nothing we do will keep China, India and the third world from polluting with fossil fuels. The best we can do is to continue to innovate and sell our scrubbers and clean technology. The sooner we or someone in the world finds a cheap, abundant and efficient fuel, the better off we all will be. I think we should exploit our abundant fossil fuels, use them and export them. Exploiting our fossil fuel to the maximum will be our bills and lead the way back to a prosperous economy. There are ways to extract energy from coal without burning it. Make that happen. Carbon taxes will just make people like Gore and institutions like Goldman Sachs rich. Most of the money will be siphoned off before it reaches the third world or research and development. The Climate Change agenda is a way to control populations with global government edicts from a handful of elitists. It is a Marxist agenda. It is another form of Serfdom, where the elites live like kings off the work of the impoverished and oppressed masses.

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