The Iran Deal will leave our world a much more dangerous place after Obama’s tenure

The majority of Americans know that the Iran Deal is a path to a nuclear armed Iran. Americans know that Iran’s Radical Islamist regime will continue to build their nuclear arms, their ICBM program and support Islamic terror around the world, This deal does not stop any on that. There is a panel of Iranian cronies that decide whether inspectors can go in to inspect. That panel has over 3 weeks to decide and it can say no. There are places now that the IAEA has never inspected. I doubt we have been  or every will be invited into the facility that is built into a mountain or the military bases where they are conducting nuclear and ICBM tests. Given their past cheating conduct, how many sites do we not know about? For Iran to take pictures and send in samples from their own inspections is just laughable stupidity. Unless Obama and the P5 are planning regime change the world will be a much much more dangerous place after his term because of Obama’s reckless deal. Knowing that Iran’s first nuclear strike will be Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו would be a reckless fool to agree to this deal. . I believe the Iranian Radical Islamist religious fanatics when the chant Death to America, Death to Israel and Death to the Infidel. Radical Islam –be it Shite or Sunni–acts more like an insane death cult than a revolutionary ideal or a modern nation.

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