They jailed an elected official for refusing to write a marriage certificate for gays?

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” Folks, what part of that does our government not understand? The government has issued fines, the highest so far being 135,000, forced people out of business, denied employment, litigated and now thrown in jail Christians who will not participate in gay marriage. There is NO major religion on earth that does not believe homosexual acts a sin. By denying first amendment rights to Christians, our government has said that all religious people may not worship as they please. Religion does not stop at the church door. The Founders put religious liberty first in our Bill of Rights for a reason. Is our government prepared to fine, litigate, deny employment and jail Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews if they refuse to participate in gay weddings or …will our government treat Christians differently from the rest of our religious communities. Does our government think some citizens more equal than others or will they oppress all religious citizens? Americans should know, this is only the beginning. It is starting with Christians, but it will not end there. It is starting with religious oppression but it will not end there. The totalitarian worm will turn on all of us if we do not stop our government now. Marxists know that they must destroy our social and economic structures to force their leftist vision on the land of the free. They are well on their way to succeed. So, how do we answer the government’s/Caesar’s interests, keep our Constitutional first Amendment rights and God’s law? Government’s interests can be answered by mandating a civil contract for all couples. We could even provide these contracts online if we wanted. Couples can go into the private sector for their ceremonies and celebration. Religious businesses that provide these wedding services can become affiliated with Churches, Mosques, Temples or any entity that provides worship services for the provision of just wedding services. Tolerance is the American way. Let’s solve this problem. We can’t deny first amendment rights to part of our population and we have to be equal under the law.

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