The dangerous, reckless Iran Deal

Listen to Reid on Cspan. Boxer is actually attacking Israel for not trusting Iran and she is accusing Republicans–again–of partisan politics. Hells Bells, this deal is scaring the hell out of We The People. Democrats are acting like dishonorable cowards. They don’t even want to vote on the Iran Deal. Damn skunks. They are a disgrace. Iran is an existential threat to us. I believe them when the chant “Death to America” Vote or don’t vote, Democrats will be held accountable. Everyone of you. DEMOCRATS, PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON, BE HONORABLE  NATION LOVING LEADERS. DONT VOTE FOR THAT RECKLESS DANGEROUS IRANIAN DEAL, PLEASE.  INSTEAD, INCREASE SANCTIONS,STARVE THE BEAST SO THAT IT HAS NO MONIES TO BUILD NUCLEAR WEAPONS, ICBMs AND SUPPORT TERRORISTS AROUND THE WORLD. YOU DON’T MAKE A DEAL WITH INSANE RADICAL ISLAMISTS. The Iran Deal has secret side deals from the IAEA. It has been rumored that there is a panel of Iranian cronies who decide if inspections can be done and they have 21 days to decide each request. It has been rumored that Iran will do their own inspections, take pictures and send specimens to the IAEA from the military/ nuclear arms experimental bases. What kind of crazy is that? What else is in those side deals. The IAEA has failed to stop Iran from building their nuclear weapons program. It was not the IAEA that found the numerous secret sites where Iran has clandestinely continued building their nuclear weapons program despite their false promises. There is even a deception jihad in their Radical Islamic dogma Bottom line, for the Radical Islamic Iranian regime, lying is not a sin if it is for jihad and they have been lying their buns off for decades. Returning the 100+ billion dollars in confiscated money, that was to be used for terrorism, is the most stupid ,reckless and dangerous act this nation has done in quite some time. Obama, Kerry and Moniz are full of hubris and have absolutely no common sense. This time when Iran covertly builds their nuclear arms they will use them, give them to terrorists and THAT will be when the world finds out they cheated.  As for the Democrats who are voting for this deal. They have traded the security of this nation and the world for party politics. They are immoral disgusting political hacks. As for Colin Powel. The only thing I can think he is either so trustful of Obama his judgement is clouded or…Obama has something very bad on him and is blackmailing him to sell out his country to protect himself.

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