The Iran Deal vote, our lawless President and this 911 anniversary

How telling was it to see Secretary of Defense Ash Carter standing alone at the Pentagon without President Barack Obama who was 5 minutes away but could not be bothered. I find Obama a most uncaring shepherd of our people. I find this to be a lawless Presidency, as Barack Obama forces a treaty that the majority of our citizens do not support, on this nation by calling it a deal, going straight to the corrupt incompetent UN for an affirmative vote and thereby bypassing our Congress.  How shameful, deceptive and cowardly was it when Senate Democrats voted to NOT vote yesterday on the Iran Deal? America will remember their vote for many generations of the people who chose partisanship over the security of our nation. We will remember the 42 traitorous names who voted to allow Iran to become a nuclear armed terrorist nation. Today we will find out if the Democrats of the US House of Representatives will choose partisanship or the security of our nation on this 911 Anniversary as we remember what Radical Islam has done to us and the world. How many millions will die because of Obama’s bad Iran Deal? The Iran Deal returns $100 Billion of confiscated monies destined for terrorism. There is no doubt Iran will use that money again for terrorism, building nuclear weapons and building their ICBM program. Iran’s Radical Islamic leadership have proven they cannot be trusted. They have also proven that they know how to hide their nuclear weapons programs. We have not found or stopped any site from being built, yet. I have no faith we will be able to stop them in the future. In fact, if this Iran Deal is allowed to stand, the world will know when they have nuclear weapons on the day they use them. The Iran Deal sets up a panel of Iranian cronies who will approve inspections. They have 21 days to make that happen or not. There are no surprise inspections in this deal. There are military/nuclear weapons sites that the Iranians will inspect themselves. They will send in samples and pictures to the IAEA. How insane is that? This deal lifts sanctions on trade and economic commerce. They have already bought an iron dome like protection from Russia and they have ordered other weapons . Nations from all over the world, including the P5 signatories are buying oil from Iran now. Great more money to build nuclear weapons, ICBMs and to fund terror! Most troubling in this deal is the sanctions against the KUDS force and General Soulimani are lifted. The KUDS force has economic investments all over the world. Where do you think those profits are being spent . These people are responsible for the death and maiming of hundreds of Americans and they are global terrorists. They are also in Iraq, supposedly fighting ISIS, but most likely creating Iran hegemony in Iraq. There is a paragraph in the Iranian Deal that says the US and the other signers must come to Iran’s aid if anyone attacks their nuclear program. What do you think is going to happen when Israel or the Sunni nation’s destroy nuclear sites? This deal has already started a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. The supremacist Iranian doctrine that the Iranian leaders believe in teaches that their Mahdi will return with his global caliphate in the end times. They also believe it is their job to hasten those end times. How best to do that but with a nuclear Armageddon. I believe them when they chant “Death to America”. They are an Islamic evil barbaric supremacist death cult. Common sense warrants that you do not negotiate or make deals with this kind of insanity.

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