Teachers strike all across America-time to break the entitled Unions

This is an opportunity for communities to set things right. Put the children in Charter Schools, hire new non union teachers, and employ the internet to teach large classes of children. One good teacher for hundreds of children, with capable teachers aids, would give our children a much better education than these blackmailing overindulged entitled , leftist ideologically driven teachers. Talk about making one segment of society more equal than others–that is what public sector unions have done. Break the unions, it is the only way to provide a quality education to our children and have fiscal sanity. Public sector unions are so in bed with the Democrat Party and their failed Progressive policies, they have become a dangerous enemy to the health of our Democratic Republic. Why the unionized blue collar workers –especially the oil, construction and coal workers, allow their unions to support the Democrat Party, I do not know. Most teachersĀ  and workers do not want the union. They know it is bad, but they are forced to join. That is not freedom and that is not American.

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