The current war on Christian teaching and gay marriage activism

We have seen the KY clerk thrown in jail, then given an accommodation to return to work.  We have seen Christian Bakers, photographers, wedding businesses and catering companies harassed, demonized and litigated. These accommodations will continue to be made and many Christians will lose their jobs, be fined or jailed until our legislators come to grips with the Supreme Courts redefinition of marriage. As far as I can see there is only one way to protect our First Amendment and 14th Amendment rights. We should mandate civil contracts for all couples. That would answer government’s interests and settle this issue. Marriage is non of government’s business. Couples can go into the private sector for ceremonial and celebratory services. Any wedding affiliated business that has a conscientious objection can provide those services under a church(S) umbrella. Everyone should have their Constitutional rights protected. No citizen is more equal than another.  As far as I know, Every major religion says that homosexual acts are a sin. All religions should take notice, it may be the Christians today but it will be them tomorrow under this current anti American Progressive agenda.

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