The Democrats, Bernie Sanders and the poison of Socialism

It is so scary how many Americans have embraced big government socialism and it’s increasing government dependence, supported by robbing from the rich and successful . They decry the increasing income gap between the rich and poor, but they do not equate it with Progressive policies and the unholy alliance between government and big business. They see the corporations, especially big Pharma, health insurance companies and banks growing in size and power, but they do not see that it is because of the Democrat Policies. Americans see and decry the corporate welfare, subsidies and corrupt cronyism involving government and big business, but they do not see that this is the natural progression of Socialism. Do you think Castro has anything but cronies around him and running government business. Do you think China is not run this way? How about Russia–we see everyday, where one of Putin’s opposition is murdered. They look at Bernie Sanders as an outsider, but do not see he is a Democrat, has always caucused with the Democrats and taken Democrat appointments in government for decades. Sanders has been in government as it grew into the uncontrollable, wasteful and abusive behemoth it is today.  Marx said that socialism is just a step to the ultimate goal of communism, where a handful of elites live like kings, controlling everything and the masses serve the government in exchange for food and shelter. There is no middle class and upward ability in Marxist nations, unless you are government connected. That is why the regulations and taxes are killing Main Street America and small business. That is why there are more small businesses failing than new ones created for the first time in history. Big business may be able to pay for the costs of doing business in America, especially if they are government connected, but most investment monies are going elsewhere. Progressives know that they can force Marxism on us if they Kill our economy and destroy our social structure. That is why there is a government war on Christianity and private sector welfare agencies. That is why our government schools and colleges have started to deny first amendment rights to our children using the deceptive excuse of preventing intolerant speech and actions. Americans better wake up and realize the Democrat Party is NOT the Party of Kennedy or Roosevelt anymore, much less your daddy’s Democrat Party. They have jogged so far left and have started to deny first amendment, 2nd amendment, fourth amendment rights and tenth amendment to our people. The “we know best crowd” are destroying our nation and we best wake up and demand our Constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness before we lose them. Thomas Jefferson said we would lose our Republic if we did not have an educated public, so I urge everyone to read the Constitution and it first 10 amendments, along with the Declaration of Independence and see how far we have strayed. Straying from the Founder’s vision for our nation always means trouble for our people. The men that wrote it may be have been flawed because they were men of their time, but the documents are divinely inspired.

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