Why is this the year of the Outsider in Presidential politics.

The career politicians have made the messes. We have an 18Trillion dollar debt and a continuing 400 billion dollar annual debt with the no end in sight. We have a tax code that no one understands and hands our corporate welfare to government cronies and half of America pays no tax. We have job killing regulations that have left our business stagnated or gone. That is why 93 million American workers are not working. We have an uncontrollable, wasteful, corrupt, incompetent, government bureaucracy that needs to be cut in half or deleted. Some of our bureaucracies,– ie the IRS, the EPA and the DOJ,– have been used as political weapons against the Democrat Party’s opposition. How dangerous is that? We have 43 million people using food stamps. We have unknown, unidentified immigrants by the millions coming thru our unsecured borders and others who are overstaying their visas. We are not creating enough jobs for them or our citizens because of the foolish job killing regs and taxes in this country. We have so many laws and regulations on the books, there is not one American that does not break a law everyday, unknowing or not. We have politicians in the pockets of K street. We have a President who morally equates evil with things done hundreds of years ago We have a Democrat Party that divides our nation with. We have an arrogant pen and a phone President and his Party that have bypassed Congressional oversight by calling a treaty a deal, forcing a very dangerous and reckless treaty with Radical Islamist Iran. It is way past time we clean house. We have politicians that stay in decade after decade because either no one runs against them or because their Party gives money to incumbents only. We need term limits. The game is rigged. The Political class has forgot they serve WE The People, not themselves, not their party and not their ideology. Personally, I am fed up with the incompetence and corruption of the political class. If given the choice, I will always vote for the outsider–until there is no career politician left, only civilians who donate their public service for a few years and then go back into the private sector.

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