Defund Planned Parenthood

The videos don’t lie. Democrats are willing to ignore the harvesting of viable fetuses, there was one tech that said she witnessed the harvesting of a live fetus, the selling of harvested fetus’ parts for profit, and the aborting of fetus without anesthetic even though it is known they feel pain. This sounds like some atrocities that Mengele would have done. Why not give the monies to more reputable women’s healthcare facilities? Because Planned Parenthood does some good, it does not accuse the inhumane acts they are guilty of. Truth be told Planned Parenthood is a money laundering organization that funnels taxpayer money to the Democrat Party. That is why the Democrats will not deny Planned Parenthood funding. That is why the Democrats will recklessly shut our government down and endanger the health of our nation. As for the amount of money saved–that is way wrong. Our entitlement system is giving Planned Parenthood 500 million plus every year. That will take some time to fix, because it is baked into the ACA and other bureaucracies.  People need to realize that original mandate was not to help women, it was to reduce the unwanted populations. Abortion is the tool of that genocide. The Founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger. She was a racist Eugenics nutcase who made it her goal to fool Blacks and other minorities into committing their own genocide.  It is still the goal of the elite, today.

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