My open letter to Lindsey Graham regarding his opportunistic attack of Ben Carson

Lindsey Graham has proven that he is a true member of the political class when he attacked Ben Carson regarding his stand on having a Muslim American President. He knew Carson was right. He knows we cannot have a Muslim President at this time. He  knows that most Muslims–even American Muslims— are taught the same supremacist Islamic doctrine and this is the reason it is just a short jump to embracing the 600AD barbarity of ISIS for their young people, especially the boys. Shame on Senator Graham for being an opportunistic political hack. I am with Ben. I would not vote for a Muslim at this time. Most of America would not vote for a Muslim at this time. We know, most of Islam has a supremacist belief that is not compatible with our Constitution. Maybe someday when Islam or at least American Islam has modernized, excepts that 600AD men were men of their time–we cannot except that barbarity in this time– and denies Sharia law and fundamentalist supremacy. Ben did not say that it was not constitutional for a Muslim to become President. He said it was not a good idea and he would not support it at this time. Do we want a pie in the sky ideologically driven, politically correct President or do we want an honest, common sense President who will use logic and reality to lead our nation? Do we want a man with good judgement and moral clarity or do we want the insanity of political correctness .

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