The Pope should know his doctrine is being used by the left to advance their marxist vision for America.

Marxism has always brought oppression and poverty to the people. Marx said that socialism leads to communism, his ultimate goal for a perfect government. Mao pretty well perfected that ideal, didn’t he? There was a whole lot of sacrifice for the greater good in China. True Capitalism–not the bastardized social justice capitalism of today– has lifted more people out of poverty than any form of economics today. I have no problem with the Pope addressing his share your wealth concept to individuals. It is individuals we will face God and it is as individuals that we will be judged by Him. Caesar should be controlled by moral individuals. The Pope should know that his doctrine is being used by the left, to advance and support their Marxist vision for America. With that crack about serving one another and not an ideology, I think does. I pray he does not support that leftist ideology.

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