My open letter to Rep Paul Gosar who plans to boycott Pope Francis

Mr. Gosar, I urge you to go to the Congress today and to listen to the Pope Francis. He wants us to be good stewards of the earth. We all agree with that. He does not say how to do that. I agree Obama wants to use that issue to force his Marxist policies on us and the world. I want to exploit our natural resources to the max so that we are energy independent and we can export to our allies so that they will not be dependent on Russia and the Middle East for their energy. I want to use that extra revenue to lead an economic recovery like no other. Along with reg and tax reforms , our nation will create the jobs we need to employ all our citizens and immigrants. We can use some of the extra revenue to find cheap, abundant and efficient energy sources and the new innovations we will need to support the estimated 10 billion people on the earth by the end of this century. A twofer fix, as long as we secure our borders and we reform our immigration department to answer our economic needs and refugee responsibilities, while working in an efficient, just and fiscally sane manner. Pope Francis has chided his Cardinals on the sin of Arrogance. I think the President heard that too. Pope Francis met with the Little Sisters of the Poor and he has spoke about the importance of religious liberty. I am not a Catholic, but the Pope has always been a moral beacon for most of the world. Please do not act like the Democrats. Please be respectful and attend the Pope’s address. We know the left will twist and use the Pope’s words to support their insane anti American agenda. It would be best if you and all of us heard Pope’s words and intonation, so that you and we can say what he really said and what he meant. Don’t let pride keep you from hearing the Pope’s message and representing you constituents on this important day.

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