Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood. The Dems defend their meal ticket by trying to muddy the waters and deflecting from the real issue. So what if part of the video was not from Planned Parenthood? So what if it was edited. The audio indicted them. The witness to the live harvest said she witnessed it at Planned Parenthood. The doctors and Planned Parenthood personnel did say the horrible things they did. Johnson and Johnson, the banks and the other corporations mentioned, do not engage in the Mengele like atrocities that Planned Parenthood did and continues to do. Much of their government money goes back into Democrat funds. Planned Parenthood is laundering funds for the Democrat party. How corrupt is that? There are no walls between abortion funds and other funds. . The money is fungible. Also, there is no doubt this is a for profit organization and should not have half it’s budget paid for by the American taxpayer. Take the Panned Parenthood funds and Block grant those over $500 million in women’s healthcare funds to the states. Allow the states to allocate the funds to whom they deem fit. Just like in the beginning with Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood is in our poor neighborhoods to control the unwanted population. We have deceived our people into committing their own genocide. Now that we can see the fetus is a baby and not the blob of tissue that they told us it was, we need to educate our communities. It is the individual that makes the abortion choice. We should provide that individual with the true facts and support services they need, from economic assistance to adoption services. The barbaric videos reveal what abortion is and what harvesting fetal tissue is. We can’t allow taxpayer money to go to an organization like this, not matter what good they do. We can’t overlook this horrific part of Planned Parenthood.

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