The liberal media vs We the People

Our nation is in trouble. We are on a path that will destroy our Republic. We are still borrowing over $400 billion every year and word is that the new budget gives Barack Obama the power to borrow an unlimited amount of money. Why would we do such a reckless thing when clearly Obama is trying to destroy said Republic and replace it with his leftist vison of Marx’s utopian madness. We have a $19Trillion nation killing debt. Government keeps growing and the bureaucracies have been used as political weapons against the Democrat opposition. Our bureaucracies have become increasingly dictatorial, abusive and oppressive to we the people. Our President is governing thru the bureaucratic regulatory process and executive actions. Radical Islam is an existential threat to us and the world. Whether it is Iran, Daesh, AlQaida or any other Radical Islamic group, they say they will murder all infidels who will not be subjugated or converted. I believe them. We have a 60% job participation and many of those jobs are part time. 47 million of us are using Food Stamps. Millions more, including half of our immigrants, are using the other government welfare programs. We need an economic recovery like no other to increase the revenue that will pay the government’s bills and payoff the existential threat that is our debt. We need to create the jobs needed employ our citizens and immigrants. That means we need to replace the taxcode and regulatory codes with business friendly policies. I was looking for more substantive, solutions oriented questions from a business channel, but clearly that is not what MSNBC’s agenda was. They did not want the public to choose which candidate had the best ideas. I wanted to hear the solutions to fix the mess in Washington. I did not want a slugfest. I did not want moderators who rudely and aggressively interrupted candidates in mid sentence so they would not have a chance to put out a full thoughtful answer. I did not want innuendo laced, deceitful and insulting questions from the moderators. Thank goodness, only Bush and Kasick participated in that crap. Hopefully Fox Business will do a more honorable job than leftist biased MSNBC did. The media should be very afraid that the Progressives are turning them into state media, not the public protector that our Founders envisioned. Just like there is less choice for our health insurance carriers and our banks, there will be less media outlets if they continue to be the propagandists for the Democrats. They have strangled and silenced moderate Democrats and gone so far left, their Marxist vision is not American. Less choice means more government control and less freedom. I am real disappointed that CNBC has chosen to be political hacks over helping We The people vet our candidates. One thing did come thru last night, Big government corrupts and destroys our Constitutional freedoms. We need a smaller government footprint that returns to fiscal efficient sanity. Let the states take care of their social programs.


Benghazi Committee hearing starring Hillary Clinton

Why did NATO and the US leave Libya so destablized after we destroyed it’s infrastructure? Why was security denied to Libya, despite numerous requests by Ambassador Stevens and other embassy personnel? Why were there NO military assets in the area to assist Benghazi after they were attacked? It was 911 and we had been assured by the Administration we were ready for all disruptions. Why was Stevens in Benghazi, on 911 of all dates? Who were the CIA observing buying and selling arms? Why did we not secure the outpost according to the regulations passed during the Bill Clinton Administration. Why did we NOT destroy the Radical Islamist militias after the deaths of our people? Secretary Clinton, could the reason for the unrest,chaos and destabilization in the Middle East, the South China Seas and the Ukraine be your unsecured server? Was that server hacked and the information distributed to our enemies? That server had classified and sensitive intel, as well as Ambassador Stevens travel information on it. You cannot have done your job without that information. For that matter was your private server a conduit to all the numerous government hacks of late, Secretary Clinton? ‪#‎BenghaziCommittee‬ ‪#‎HillaryClinton‬ ‪#‎HouseOfRepresentatives‬ ‪#‎WhiteHouse‬ As for the costs of this committee, one Barack Obama golf outing costs the same. As for the State Department not having enough money for security, maybe they should not have refurbed all the cushy embassies with new china and art? When the above questions are asked and answered, we will know why the Administration pushed the video.

The Democrat Debate

#demdebate… Webb was the only honorable pro American person on that stage last night. The Democrat voters should be ashamed for choosing two corrupt liars and a communist over the real deal. Jim Webb did not prostitute and shame himself with the false rhetoric of the other incompetent, corrupt, politicians on that stage. When he got to talk he was the only one up there that had a lick of common sense . That Clinton personnel server was probably hacked. Ambassador Stevens schedule was on it. The Libyan Intel was on there. The pay to play connection to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was on there. The Ukraine intel was on there. The Iranian negotiations intel was on there All Radical Islamic group intel was on there. Between Obama’s incompetence and reluctance to take on Daesh and other Radical Islamic groups and Hillary Clinton’s open server, NO WONDER THE WORLD IS IN SUCH TURMOIL. THE BAD GUYS KNEW EVERY MOVE WE MADE. As for O’Malley, he came off as one big slick, slimy, lying, greedy power hungry, ruthless,narcissistic politician. Hillary Clinton maybe all those things, but at least she can hide it successfully. As for the socialist–ie Communist–Bernie. How scarey is that guy? He would chase what is left of our employers out. He would impoverish and abolish our constitutional freedoms in a second. He and Chaffee are both true believers. Chaffee is just too weak to carry out their leftist vision. There is nothing weak about Bernie Sanders.

My open letter to President Obama concerning the Syrian, Putin, Iranian Problem

There are two facts that you must come to grips with. Number one, Daesh is an existential threat to us and the world. There can be no reasoning with this barbaric supremacist theological abomination. They  function like a cult. Their members are brainwashed. Number two, you will not sway President Putin from his goal of stabilizing Syria by propping up the dictator Assad unless…the costs are high and his goal is unattainable. He is a pragmatic man. He will not destroy himself and his nation propping up Assad. So what to do? I think that you need to work separately with the three factions in Iraq. Work with the Sunni to push ISIS/Daesh out of their cities and their lands back into Syria. Work with the Shite to push Daesh out of their cities and their lands back into Syria. Work with the Kurds to push Daesh out of their cities, their lands, back into Syria. Help them to secure their positions and claim their land back. Let each group be your boots on the ground. Support them with air power and intel from our special ops. Work with them separately. They hate and distrust each other more than the outside threats. Neither faction will protect and defend the other. That is why you had Government troops that abandoned the armored vehicles and weapons that we gave them in Sunni Mosul. Their leaders were Shite. They would not defend a Sunni city.  Maybe some day they will work together, but not today. VP Biden was right long ago. Iraq should have been divided into 3 states. Make Daesh, Putin and Iran’s problem. Teach the Syrian rebels guerilla,hit&run tactics. Make them irritants to Assad. It is the only way they will survive. This is the world we live in today. You have to be pragmatic. The house of Islam is divided. We cannot heal that. They have to do that themselves. We will just have to pray that if they do unite, they will not unite under a fundamentalist terrorist Caliphate banner. Somehow, we must stop the teachers of this false evil supremacist theology from spreading their poison. We must help and give Islam’s reformers a voice on the public stage. I will pray for you, Mr. President. I will pray you know God’s truth and that He will give you the courage, the wisdom and the knowledge to do His will.

Obama and gun control

There is no doubt that Obama would like to confiscate our guns. He has tried to raise the costs and reduce the availability of our ammo. He has tried to ID every legal gun owner. He has tried to stop the sale of large clips and semi automatics. What will he try now? Instead of addressing the causal problems of mental health care, drug crimes and violence, and terrorism, he put all his eggs in one basket and tries to deny second amendment rights to law abiding citizens. The guns are in the population. Criminals will get the guns in the underground economy. They don’t obey our laws. Unless Obama is willing to go from house to house and confiscate our guns, criminals will always have guns. Obama’s bullheaded way will just result in an unarmed law abiding population and a heavily armed criminal population. Law enforcement shows up after crimes are committed. We are on our own until they arrive to help us. Obama has his Secret Service, the rich have their armed security and Congress has their armed security paid for by we the taxpayer, but in Obama’s vision regular American citizens will be helpless and undefended. How is that fair? How is that just? There are things that can be done. Number one, strengthen the NICS program, encourage our mental healthcare providers to report violent mentally ill people, mandate that law enforcement enter violent criminals names in a timely manner, and allow regular gun owners to do background checks on gun buyers–internet buys have a middle man, the local gun shop. Guns are sent to the gun shop and buyers have a background check before they can pick the paid for gun up. Allow law enforcement, mental health officials, teachers, doctors, friends, employers and parents of adult children to work together and force mental health services on violent and potentially violent mentally ill people. Maybe set up a panel of mental health officials in each county to decide forced commitments, with monthly reviews to protect the patient. Each forced commitment patient would be assigned an advocate. One more thing regarding mental health, STOP medicating our children. Instead of working with patients, assisting them with issues, we medicated them and we shamefully do this with children.  So what if a child needs more time to learn, focus and not be disruptive? Work with him, don’t medicate him. Drugs are for the adult’s peace of mine, not for the child’s benefit.  Make a federal law that says you get 5-10 years for doing a crime with a gun and…enforce it. Cities and states have those laws, but they are not enforcing it. Also, make a concerted national effort to kick out the Mexican drug cartel members. As for terrorism, just increase the reporting of potential terrorists to the local and state officials. The FBI knew about the Boston bomber. They did not tell Boston. The guns are here. We need to do a better job of keeping them out of the hands of the violent . I don’t understand our President. He does not fix our problems, he just demonizes law abiding citizens, divides one group against another and creates hate, discontent, chaos and disruption. 

My open letter to President Putin

President Putin, I never figured you for a fool. Has your arrogance caused you to believe that you can control the barbaric supremacist fanatical regime in Iran ? They believe that their god has charged them to hasten the end times for the return of their Mahdi and his Caliphate. They may devour you last, but they will devour you. They are religious fanatics, a death cult. There can be no reasoning with that kind of insanity. Their goal is to subjugate, convert, enslave or murder all of us. I don’t see you consenting to any of their goals. You might want to rethink propping up President Assad. He clearly has subjugated himself to Iran and the Ayatollahs. So has the  Iraqi Shite government. Iran has funded and promoted in terrorism for years, even in your nation. They don’t seem to care if it is Shite or Sunni terrorists either, as there is proof that they assisted, maybe funded, Bin Laden and even harbored his terrorist son after 911. I urge you again to rethink your current path. You have made a deal with evil and it will destroy you. The world cannot coexist with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology, whether it is Shite Islamists like Iran or Sunni Islamists, like DAESH/ISIS . Radical Islam is an existential threat to us all, including Russia. You need to recognize that and realign yourself. Like I said, that monster may eat you last, but they still intend to eat you.