My open letter to President Putin

President Putin, I never figured you for a fool. Has your arrogance caused you to believe that you can control the barbaric supremacist fanatical regime in Iran ? They believe that their god has charged them to hasten the end times for the return of their Mahdi and his Caliphate. They may devour you last, but they will devour you. They are religious fanatics, a death cult. There can be no reasoning with that kind of insanity. Their goal is to subjugate, convert, enslave or murder all of us. I don’t see you consenting to any of their goals. You might want to rethink propping up President Assad. He clearly has subjugated himself to Iran and the Ayatollahs. So has the  Iraqi Shite government. Iran has funded and promoted in terrorism for years, even in your nation. They don’t seem to care if it is Shite or Sunni terrorists either, as there is proof that they assisted, maybe funded, Bin Laden and even harbored his terrorist son after 911. I urge you again to rethink your current path. You have made a deal with evil and it will destroy you. The world cannot coexist with Radical Islam and it’s barbaric supremacist theology, whether it is Shite Islamists like Iran or Sunni Islamists, like DAESH/ISIS . Radical Islam is an existential threat to us all, including Russia. You need to recognize that and realign yourself. Like I said, that monster may eat you last, but they still intend to eat you.


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