Obama and gun control

There is no doubt that Obama would like to confiscate our guns. He has tried to raise the costs and reduce the availability of our ammo. He has tried to ID every legal gun owner. He has tried to stop the sale of large clips and semi automatics. What will he try now? Instead of addressing the causal problems of mental health care, drug crimes and violence, and terrorism, he put all his eggs in one basket and tries to deny second amendment rights to law abiding citizens. The guns are in the population. Criminals will get the guns in the underground economy. They don’t obey our laws. Unless Obama is willing to go from house to house and confiscate our guns, criminals will always have guns. Obama’s bullheaded way will just result in an unarmed law abiding population and a heavily armed criminal population. Law enforcement shows up after crimes are committed. We are on our own until they arrive to help us. Obama has his Secret Service, the rich have their armed security and Congress has their armed security paid for by we the taxpayer, but in Obama’s vision regular American citizens will be helpless and undefended. How is that fair? How is that just? There are things that can be done. Number one, strengthen the NICS program, encourage our mental healthcare providers to report violent mentally ill people, mandate that law enforcement enter violent criminals names in a timely manner, and allow regular gun owners to do background checks on gun buyers–internet buys have a middle man, the local gun shop. Guns are sent to the gun shop and buyers have a background check before they can pick the paid for gun up. Allow law enforcement, mental health officials, teachers, doctors, friends, employers and parents of adult children to work together and force mental health services on violent and potentially violent mentally ill people. Maybe set up a panel of mental health officials in each county to decide forced commitments, with monthly reviews to protect the patient. Each forced commitment patient would be assigned an advocate. One more thing regarding mental health, STOP medicating our children. Instead of working with patients, assisting them with issues, we medicated them and we shamefully do this with children.  So what if a child needs more time to learn, focus and not be disruptive? Work with him, don’t medicate him. Drugs are for the adult’s peace of mine, not for the child’s benefit.  Make a federal law that says you get 5-10 years for doing a crime with a gun and…enforce it. Cities and states have those laws, but they are not enforcing it. Also, make a concerted national effort to kick out the Mexican drug cartel members. As for terrorism, just increase the reporting of potential terrorists to the local and state officials. The FBI knew about the Boston bomber. They did not tell Boston. The guns are here. We need to do a better job of keeping them out of the hands of the violent . I don’t understand our President. He does not fix our problems, he just demonizes law abiding citizens, divides one group against another and creates hate, discontent, chaos and disruption. 


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