My open letter to President Obama concerning the Syrian, Putin, Iranian Problem

There are two facts that you must come to grips with. Number one, Daesh is an existential threat to us and the world. There can be no reasoning with this barbaric supremacist theological abomination. They  function like a cult. Their members are brainwashed. Number two, you will not sway President Putin from his goal of stabilizing Syria by propping up the dictator Assad unless…the costs are high and his goal is unattainable. He is a pragmatic man. He will not destroy himself and his nation propping up Assad. So what to do? I think that you need to work separately with the three factions in Iraq. Work with the Sunni to push ISIS/Daesh out of their cities and their lands back into Syria. Work with the Shite to push Daesh out of their cities and their lands back into Syria. Work with the Kurds to push Daesh out of their cities, their lands, back into Syria. Help them to secure their positions and claim their land back. Let each group be your boots on the ground. Support them with air power and intel from our special ops. Work with them separately. They hate and distrust each other more than the outside threats. Neither faction will protect and defend the other. That is why you had Government troops that abandoned the armored vehicles and weapons that we gave them in Sunni Mosul. Their leaders were Shite. They would not defend a Sunni city.  Maybe some day they will work together, but not today. VP Biden was right long ago. Iraq should have been divided into 3 states. Make Daesh, Putin and Iran’s problem. Teach the Syrian rebels guerilla,hit&run tactics. Make them irritants to Assad. It is the only way they will survive. This is the world we live in today. You have to be pragmatic. The house of Islam is divided. We cannot heal that. They have to do that themselves. We will just have to pray that if they do unite, they will not unite under a fundamentalist terrorist Caliphate banner. Somehow, we must stop the teachers of this false evil supremacist theology from spreading their poison. We must help and give Islam’s reformers a voice on the public stage. I will pray for you, Mr. President. I will pray you know God’s truth and that He will give you the courage, the wisdom and the knowledge to do His will.


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