The Democrat Debate

#demdebate… Webb was the only honorable pro American person on that stage last night. The Democrat voters should be ashamed for choosing two corrupt liars and a communist over the real deal. Jim Webb did not prostitute and shame himself with the false rhetoric of the other incompetent, corrupt, politicians on that stage. When he got to talk he was the only one up there that had a lick of common sense . That Clinton personnel server was probably hacked. Ambassador Stevens schedule was on it. The Libyan Intel was on there. The pay to play connection to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was on there. The Ukraine intel was on there. The Iranian negotiations intel was on there All Radical Islamic group intel was on there. Between Obama’s incompetence and reluctance to take on Daesh and other Radical Islamic groups and Hillary Clinton’s open server, NO WONDER THE WORLD IS IN SUCH TURMOIL. THE BAD GUYS KNEW EVERY MOVE WE MADE. As for O’Malley, he came off as one big slick, slimy, lying, greedy power hungry, ruthless,narcissistic politician. Hillary Clinton maybe all those things, but at least she can hide it successfully. As for the socialist–ie Communist–Bernie. How scarey is that guy? He would chase what is left of our employers out. He would impoverish and abolish our constitutional freedoms in a second. He and Chaffee are both true believers. Chaffee is just too weak to carry out their leftist vision. There is nothing weak about Bernie Sanders.

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