The liberal media vs We the People

Our nation is in trouble. We are on a path that will destroy our Republic. We are still borrowing over $400 billion every year and word is that the new budget gives Barack Obama the power to borrow an unlimited amount of money. Why would we do such a reckless thing when clearly Obama is trying to destroy said Republic and replace it with his leftist vison of Marx’s utopian madness. We have a $19Trillion nation killing debt. Government keeps growing and the bureaucracies have been used as political weapons against the Democrat opposition. Our bureaucracies have become increasingly dictatorial, abusive and oppressive to we the people. Our President is governing thru the bureaucratic regulatory process and executive actions. Radical Islam is an existential threat to us and the world. Whether it is Iran, Daesh, AlQaida or any other Radical Islamic group, they say they will murder all infidels who will not be subjugated or converted. I believe them. We have a 60% job participation and many of those jobs are part time. 47 million of us are using Food Stamps. Millions more, including half of our immigrants, are using the other government welfare programs. We need an economic recovery like no other to increase the revenue that will pay the government’s bills and payoff the existential threat that is our debt. We need to create the jobs needed employ our citizens and immigrants. That means we need to replace the taxcode and regulatory codes with business friendly policies. I was looking for more substantive, solutions oriented questions from a business channel, but clearly that is not what MSNBC’s agenda was. They did not want the public to choose which candidate had the best ideas. I wanted to hear the solutions to fix the mess in Washington. I did not want a slugfest. I did not want moderators who rudely and aggressively interrupted candidates in mid sentence so they would not have a chance to put out a full thoughtful answer. I did not want innuendo laced, deceitful and insulting questions from the moderators. Thank goodness, only Bush and Kasick participated in that crap. Hopefully Fox Business will do a more honorable job than leftist biased MSNBC did. The media should be very afraid that the Progressives are turning them into state media, not the public protector that our Founders envisioned. Just like there is less choice for our health insurance carriers and our banks, there will be less media outlets if they continue to be the propagandists for the Democrats. They have strangled and silenced moderate Democrats and gone so far left, their Marxist vision is not American. Less choice means more government control and less freedom. I am real disappointed that CNBC has chosen to be political hacks over helping We The people vet our candidates. One thing did come thru last night, Big government corrupts and destroys our Constitutional freedoms. We need a smaller government footprint that returns to fiscal efficient sanity. Let the states take care of their social programs.


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