Obama says no to Keystone& thousands of jobs building infrastructure.

You, Mr. President have cost us thousands of union jobs and the service jobs that a major construction program like the Keystone would provide. You always talk about building infrastructure. Keystone is infrastructure and Canada, our friend and ally, was paying for it.  Construction jobs by definition are temporary. You have forced our fossil fuel producers to transport our oil by dangerous rail and truck. The world is dependent on fossil fuels and until we find cheap, abundant and efficient alternative fuels we will continue to be dependent. Why can’t those fossil fuels be ours, why can’t we prosper by selling Canadian fuel? Canadian oil will make it to market whether it goes thru the US or not. We use fossil fuels the cleanest and most efficient. Why not export our clean technology abroad, especially to China and India? Why impoverish our nation and lower our standard of living as sacrifice to this almost fanatical religion you call Climate Change? Your policies, Mr. President, have hurt the poor and the middle class that you promised to serve and uplift. Why does the world have to depend on nations and peoples who are not their friends? Why can’t we export to Europe and release the Russian boot of intimidation and coercion from their neck? Given that the climate has begun to cool again, I can only discern that the global Climate Change agenda is a power grab from the we know best crowd, like you, President Obama, like you, Sec Kerry. This is a power grab to control our waters and our land. You control that, you control our food and water supply. You control us the masses. Thatcher is right, this is nothing but global marxism. Marxism always brings poverty and oppression. It does not bring the peace and prosperity that it promises. Mao and Stalin tried it and millions died. I have no doubt a global marxist agenda will cause the death of billions. You , Mr. President are not America’s friend. You are the enemy.


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