Politico lied about Ben Carson regarding what the campaign said.

Politico lied about what the campaign said about this issue and they have been walking back the story. Westmoreland talked to him and put him in touch with those that could make an appointment to West Point happen for Dr. Ben Carson if he chose. So, because Carson called it a scholarship to West Point and did not apply, Politico and the lib media called him a liar. Politico and the MSM should really vet the information fed to them by the Clinton political war machine better. I believe it was that same Clinton machine that took out Herman Cain. My guess is Carson is so clean, the liberal MSM and the Democrats cannot find anything on this honorable man so they have started a campaign of ridicule, deception, half truths and innuendo to knock him out of first place. Carson is the only Republican candidate that the polls show beating Hillary Clinton. How great would it be to have an honorable and moral man, Dr. Ben Carson who will govern us withing the perimeters of the Constitution, as our President instead of the MSM’s choice, a ruthless, corrupt, greedy, dishonest, incompetent liar, Hillary Clinton? Why does the black community allow the progressives and Democrats to demonize every black conservative?


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