Mr. President, It is time to destroy Daesh.

Mr. President, If the reason you are not destroying Daesh is that you want Assad out first. If the reason you are not destroying Daesh is because you want to use them as a weapon to oust Assad—the price is too high. The sacrifice is too much. Thousands are being killed in Iraq and Syria. Thousands are being enslaved in Iraq and Syria. Millions are being oppressed and threatened around the world. Hundreds of European citizens are being killed by Daesh terrorists. Thousands have been killed and wounded in the US by Islamic terrorists. The sacrifice to oust Assad is too much. IT IS WAY PAST TIME WE DESTROYED THEM. Your excuse of working with the Iraqi government to unify the Kurds, Sunni and Shite rings hollow. Sunnis and Shite will never defend, Kurds, Christians, or Yazzidis. Shite will not defend Sunni. Sunni will never defend Shite. We need to arm and work with each faction separately. Use Sunnis to take back Sunni cities and territories in Iraq. Use Shite to take back Shite cities and territories in Iraq.Use Kurds to take back Kurdish cities and territories in Syria and Iraq. Use Syrian rebels to take back Syrian cities. Your utopian view of unification does not ring true to the facts in the area. Bring the Christian and Yazzidi refugees here. There are at risk of genocide for Daesh and oppression from the Sunni and Shite. There is NO place for them to go. Tell the Muslim nations to take care of the Muslim refugees. Do not bring them here. It is too dangerous. After seeing the child Daesh terrorist fighters, we would be at risk by children as well as adult terrorist infiltration. Americans will not submit to your gambling with our lives. NO MORE MUSLIM REFUGEES OR IMMIGRANTS. We know that you have immigrated over 2 million Muslim immigrants to the US. Some are not assimilating. We need to slow Muslim immigration down.



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