Obama uses the old canard strawman of tens of thousands of troops being deployed AGAIN

Obama gives us a straw man argument of not wanting to put in 10s of thousands of our troops and another false narrative that he does frequently against his opposition. We should use each faction separately. It is insane of Obama to try to force unity in this region. It does not work. We tried. Maliki killed that forced unity when Obama pulled out. Shite will not defend Sunni. Sunni will not defend Shite. Both will not defend the Kurds, Christians or Yazzidi. We should work with the Shite government to take back Shite cities and territory. We should work with the Sunnis to take back Sunni cities and territory. We should work with Syrian sectarian rebels to take back their land and we should work with Russia to destroy ISIS held areas. We should work with Kurds in Syria and Iraq to defend their lands. The Kurds, the Sunni, the Shite and the rebels are the boots on the ground. The Muslim nations of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, the UAE and Iran can take care of the Syrian Muslim refugees. Under the Koran, that is their duty. Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, the Kurds and Iraq have stepped up. We should take the Christian and Yazzidis refugees, who have no place to go and who face genocide by Daesh, the other radical Islamic groups and the centuries of oppression by the Shite and Sunni Muslims. I for one do not trust the UN vetting of Syrian refugees coming into this country. We have seen children soldiers being indoctrinated in the barbaric supremacist doctrine of Daesh and trained in terrorist tactics. Have they vetted the children? Have they vetted the military age men. There aren’t many Americans, male and female, who would not fight for their nation in the Homeland. Why aren’t they? Our special ops will help them, train the separate factions, providing them with intel and call in the air strikes. Personally, I think Obama has held back and tied the hands of our military and not destroyed Daesh because he has hopes Daesh will degrade the Assad regime so that a forced political solution can be found with Assad stepping down. How many thousands will die? How many thousands will be oppressed and enslaved by Daesh? How many people abroad will die and be wounded by Daesh terrorists, while we wait for Obama’s arrogant plan to work? History may be on our side, Mr. President, but why sacrifice millions to death and oppression, when we can destroy this barbaric supremacist theological group NOW.


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