Obama’s Climate Change Marxist Agenda

Radical Islam and it’s barbaric inhumane supremacist doctrine is the existential threat to mankind, NOT Climate Change. Our world is in a cooling period and has been for 10 years. Climate change is not due to mankind’s activity. It is natural. It is cyclical. Climate Change is a scam to force Marxist social engineering on the world’s population. If we surrender our sovereignty to an elitist few on this issue, they will control our energy, land and water use. They will control us. Like all Marxist utopias in the past, the Climate Change agenda will oppress and impoverish the people, while a small group of global elitists live like kings. Shame on you, President Obama, for wanting this atrocity for America and her people. You should be protecting your nation and her freedoms. We will have cheap, abundant and efficient clean alternative energies within the next decade, why beggar the world with carbon regulations and taxes for a non existent problem? The free market has solutions for this future destructive pollution problem..Already, we in the US have clean air technology for the carbon fuels. Why aren’t we selling them to the nations that need it, like China and India who are the world’s polluters? It should be noted that President Obama’s friends and Democrat donors, billionaires Steyer and Soros are buying up the coal stocks that Obama’s EPA regulated into bankruptcy. Follow the money folks and see who the scumbags are that want to impoverish and oppress the west.


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