Radical Islamists strike San Bernardino

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the slain and injured in San Bernardino. I pray the Muslim Communities in our nation will speak out against the Islamists, ostracize the teachers who preach this violent supremacist doctrine and help us stop them before they murder. We either have a couple who are mentally ill or….we have two Radical Islamists who decided their god demanded they kill as many infidels as they could. Our President hides behind platitudes of political correctness and will not recognize we are at war with Radical Islam, a barbaric supremacist political cult. Our President does not recognize that radical Islam is an existential threat for us and the world,including Muslims. Because, Obama will not recognize who the enemy is, he does not have a counter narrative to this cults theological and political doctrine. We should be supporting the Islamic reformers who deny political Islam and it’s inhumane doctrine. As for more gun control, Barack Obama and the Democrats go to narrative, Criminals, Islamists and mentally ill people will always have guns. In fact, if they don’t they will use other weapons against innocents. Obama now wants to automatically put the No fly list people on the “cannot buy a gun list”, but we have seen non Islamists, law abiding citizens on that list. The Progressives seem to delight in putting Republicans and conservative media on the no fly list. Obama has politicized every bureaucracy in our government and has used them as political and ideological weapons. We would be a fool to trust Obama with implementing this the way he morally equates issues. Anyone with a different opinion from him could very well end up on the no fly list and the no buy list. Think of the coercive litigation and regulations he wants for those of us who oppose his Climate Change agenda. New gun control laws is not the answer. I will stick with the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. We need to stop the spread of this poisonous,murderous, supremacist, political theology that the Islamists use as an excuse for their inhumane acts. This barbaric supremacist political theology may be spreading it’s poison on the internet, but it begins in the Mosques and the Muslim families. The Muslim nations and the Muslim leaders need to stop the mullahs and teachers who are teaching this obscene doctrine. It started in Saudi Arabia. Their leaders used it to control the masses while they lived like kings. It is spreading and infecting every nation, now. Radical Islam declared war on the world. Where is the counter narrative to fight this scourge?


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