The deceitful left wants to deny our second amendment rights, using mass shootings as reason.

Most, if not all mass shootings were in gun free zones–our bases are even gun free zones. Mass shooters go to soft targets because they are amoral cowards.. Common sense has left the building when it comes to progressive policies. There are four groups that do mass shootings, but by far the drug cartels and gangs affiliates kill and injure the most. Way down the list are the mentally ill shooters, the islamist radicals and the political radicals. Disarming the law abiding populace is stupid, dangerous and reckless. Law enforcement shows up after the crimes are committed. Until then we are on our own. We have a right to defend ourselves. That means our weapons should be comparable to the weapons of our enemy. The second amendment, as with the rest of the Bill of Rights, is the only reason Americans still live in a free nation. Men are not angels. There are just too many in the “We Know Best Crowd” who have the hubris to think they have the right to force their vision on our people and the world, for that matter. The Constitution was written to protect us from those that would oppress us. We need to return to the Founder’s vision for America or we will lose our Republic and we will not like the replacement. The world and or nation has never seen a group of more learned and wise men as those that wrote our Founding papers.


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