We need to stop all immigration NOW.

We should stop all immigration and refugee movements not only from the Middle East but everywhere, until we know who is here. We should also stop all special visas. Radical Islam has spread all over the world. It is time to protect the homeland and vet everyone the best we can. Those that have limited time visas need to be deported when the time expires or they need to reapply. We should stop all immigration until we have reformed our Immigration Department so that it works in an efficient, just and timely manner, while it answers our economic needs and refugee responsibilities. I believe Syrians want to repatriate to Syria. We should destroy Daesh and the other Radical Islamists, now, so that the refugees can go back and rebuild their nation. It is not an acceptable sacrifice to allow more people to be subjected to the inhumanity of Daesh. Why wait? Meanwhile, we should support the refugee camps in Jordan and elsewhere and we should immigrate the Christian and Yazzidi refugees. The Muslim population has oppressed them for years and now they face genocide. And finally, some of our Muslim immigrants are not assimilating well and they are joining the Radical Islamic Jihad. We need to enlist the modern reformed Islamic community who have rejected political Islam and militant supremacist doctrine–to stop the teachers of this existential threat from spreading their barbaric supremacist political theology. Our Muslim community has to be more involved in stopping the Islamists at home. The families, friends and acquaintances know who the Islamists are, but they say nothing. They do nothing. We need to give the modern reformed Muslim community leaders a national and international voice. Until we stomp out this barbaric political theology, there will always be those that make war on the modern tolerant world. . Until we replace our tax code and job killing regulations so that we can provide the environment to create the good paying, full time jobs needed to support all our citizens and our immigrants, all immigration should be put on hold.


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