More gun control is not the answer to stop mass murders, Mr.President

Obama would do better to improve the Nics program, the Islamist surveillance programs and vetting program. The shooter in SC was on the no buy list–Nics failed to stop the buy in a timely manner. Also, why are non citizens allowed to by guns in our nation? They were not allowed to do so before Obama. The vetting program needs to be removed from State Department hands. They and the Obama Administration have cost lives too many times by choosing political correctness and global diplomacy over American security. The State Department has no common sense. Why are we not surveilling Islamic gathering centers&mosques–especially those that have proven to be home to Radicals and Daesh fighters? Put Obama in the no common sense group, blinded by his leftist ideology and his familia connections. As for gun control. We have straw buyer laws. We have background checks, even at gun shows. Guns bought over the internet are sent to gun dealers for pick up, where background checks are done. If Obama had not raised the price of ammo thru tax and regulation abuses, Americans would not be buying in bulk. We have a problem, but it is not the gun. We have mentally ill people, terrorists and drug related mass shootings. Why are we not reforming our mental health laws so that it is easier to force care on those that are a danger to themselves and others? Why is it that mental health monies are always being cut at the State Level and Federal level?The guns inside our inner cities are coming in from the same pipeline as the drugs and other criminal activity. Why not stop that criminal activity? Why not wage a social media campaign against the barbaric supremacist political theology of the Radical Islamists? We have a counter narrative against other Radical ideologies. Why not give the modern Muslims who reject jihad and political Islam a national and political voice. The Muslim Brotherhood cannot be that voice. They support the same supremacist political theology. Obama should not have Muslim Brotherhood advisers. You can ask private gun sellers and gun gifters to run background checks, but other than that, more gun control is not the answer in stopping mass shootings. Keep the background check cheap and most private sellers will willingly comply. Registering our guns is not the answer, if you want to protect American liberty. Registration leads to confiscation. What happened in New Orleans is so dangerous to our continued liberty. Encouraging Obama to implement more executive actions is also very dangerous to our continued individual liberties.


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