Call our enemy, Daesh, Mr President. Insult this evil.

Mr.President, Why do you give Daesh statehood, let alone the levant. Why do you call them what they want to be but are not? They are a barbaric supremacist islamist political cult. Why do you give them respect and substance? STOP CALLING THEM ISIL OR ISIS. Call them what the Muslims call them–Daesh. Daesh may mean the same thing, but it also can mean a disparagement. Insult and marginalize this evil, call them Daesh, Mr. President. How many more people will be sacrificed to the inhumanity of Daesh? Why are we waiting? The sacrifice is too great. Destroy them, now. Give the moderate reform minded Muslims, who reject political Islam and jihad, a national and international platform. There has to be a voice to counter the Radical Islamic doctrine. The Muslim Brotherhood is not that voice. They believe in the same supremacist political doctrine as the Islamists.


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